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The New Stage, Inc. is a company based in San Francisco, California that is dedicated to crafting a new sustainable model for theater and live performance by leveraging current technologies and prizing a sharp understanding of interdisciplinary arts.


Our work focuses on two targets: we design pieces of architecture for live new media experiences and we produce new multi-platform artistic content.


We are rooted in our awareness of the environment and of society both locally and globally. Founded in 2013 by artist Amy Munz with the support of her parents Marian and Tünde Munz - who have experience in business, intellectual property and sustainable building design - this is a company deeply shaped by community values and a respect for knowledge from the past. Two generations have come together to launch this company and, now, led by Amy's sophisticated point of view on today's media, arts, and communication, we move forward with a strong vision for contributing to the cultural landscape in a sustainable and awe-provoking way.


Follow us as we grow and build our first theater with the help of an incredible team of experts and advisors. 


We can't wait to share with you what's next. 

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