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See Inside.

     A digital book that sparkles with humor, zest and charm! Open the e-picture-book and let your child press play. They will be delighted by the performance that jumps off the page and will gain an understanding of what it means to care for the pet that they love (or would love) to have in their home. 


     Responsibility, understanding, respect, and friendship are encouraged social skills.


     Each digital page of this book is filled with bright watercolor paintings brought to life with a voice performance by the author. The voice performance provides depth and color so that children can read about, see and also feel the exciting and emotional journey that comes with having a pet.



Download a sample of the book


Purchase the title at the

iTunes Bookstore.


 A vibrant "Read Aloud" e-picture-book about the

glorious friendship that comes with having a pet dog. 

Found in the iTunes Bookstore


"Do You Know What it Means to Have a Pet Dog?"

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