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Michael Hunter, Artistic Advisor. Mr. Hunter holds a PhD in Drama and Directing from Stanford University and is working as a director, performance curator, and adjunct professor at Stanford. Mr. Hunter also runs a regular performance salon in his beautiful home in San Francisco, CA, which has grown month by month into an incredible gathering place where performance artists meet and share. Mr. Hunter worked on "Patterns", experimenting and forming new approaches in how live performance can intermingle with digital video content. 


Michael Rohd, Artistic & Partnership Advisor. Mr. Rohd has been pioneering a new model of producing new theater, where the arts and non-arts sectors collaborate socially and economically. He is the founding artistic director of Sojourn Theater in Portland, is on faculty at Northwestern University (where he helps lead the MFA Directing Program), and is also the Director of The Center for Performance and Civic Practice. In 2013, he was invited to be a visiting artist for three years at Chicago's Lookingglass Theater (a leading theater in the nation, especially in producing new work.) There he is spearheading the Civic Practice Lab, which has the goal of truly developping new models, building organizational and individual capacity, and creating a template for future department with similar roles in other institutions.





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